1. The task is to write Android APP wich measures sound level and periodicaly udatesi to the web platform.

Platform choosen was Pachoobe, which later rename itself to Cosm. Today it works under Xively name. Unfortunatelu data upload is not working any more because they fundamentaly change the platform.

Download APK file

Android App on starting are initialising Phone ID, Longitude, Latitude values and is generating EditText field where to enter Location name („location” by default):

After loading user is supposed to enter location name and press „START FEEDING” button.

After button is pressed app is opening FeedingActivity.

Here app is creating new feed on Cosm. The feed name is „PhoneID @ location” with initial value of sound „0” and location values. Then it starts calculate Sound Value in seperate thread, and are displaying it in „Sound SPL” field. If new Sound value differs from previous, sent Sound value by 2 (most frequent possible updates with stable performance), it updates current datastream. It continious until „STOP FEEDING” button is pressed.

New location can be entered and new feed will be generated.

2. Android app, part of MSc project, to serve client side interface for Self Employed Courier job accounting System.

Download APK file